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Baibars Mechatronics & Aviation is committed to pioneering the development of autonomous aviation systems in agriculture. In this direction, it has the design, analysis, test, measurement and production infrastructures necessary for research, technology development and software studies. Baibars engineers develop systems, devices and materials from precision agriculture technologies, data analysis and interpretation, hardware and software of autonomous aviation systems, platforms of unmanned aerial vehicles to the development of spraying and spraying systems. 

Baibars Support

24/7 technical support and integrated logistics support services are provided for all products designed/produced by Baibars.


BAIBARS Assistant

Baibars Assistant™ has a constantly updated satellite-based database. Operation area, crop-appropriate spraying option, flight altitude and route can be easily determined via the assistant.


The Obstacle Recognition Sensor, Baibars ETS™ can detect centimeter wide power lines, twigs, trees and poles 20m in advance, day or night, and update the operation route according to the position of the obstacles.

Yaver™ Flight Controller

Baibars Yaver™ has been developed for high precision, intuitive and easy to use. Baibars Yaver™ is designed to work efficiently in harsh conditions with high performance and command precision. It's easy to use and incredibly intuitive, with a user-friendly interface. With its 5.5 inch Ultra HD screen and high-capacity battery, it provides up to 20 hours of use on a single charge and can operate uninterruptedly up to a range of 7 km.



Being aware of the harm of carbon emissions to the planet, Baibars aims at "0" carbon emissions in the operation of its products by 2023, in line with its mission to lead the development of autonomous aviation systems in Agriculture.


Agricultural Unmanned Aerial Vehicle developed by Baibars engineers  uses the optimum amount of medication. It helps to protect nature by saving water and medicine.

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