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What is Agricultural Drone?

Agricultural drone is a multi-functional unmanned aerial vehicle that is mostly used for optimization of yield, monitoring of crop development level, irrigation capacity and efficiency, combating diseases and pests and plant feeding in agricultural operations. Aerial view provided by agricultural drone; It enables real-time information on crop growth stages, crop health and soil variations. Thanks to high-resolution snapshots and infrared scanning images obtained from agricultural fields monitored throughout the vegetation process of the planted crop, necessary  In such cases, urgent measures can be taken and loss of efficiency can be prevented. At the same time, spraying drone models with liquid tanks of different volumes allow the application of pesticides or plant nutrients in a short time and with high efficiency without harming human health.

What are the Agricultural Drone Features?

Unmanned aerial vehicle models, which are designed and produced to withstand the harsh physical conditions of agricultural lands, have also been specially strengthened against the corrosive effects of pesticides and fertilizers. Agricultural spraying drone models, which have different flight ranges thanks to their changing battery capacities, can provide uninterrupted service in large agricultural lands thanks to their changing liquid tank capacities.

Professional drone models, designed for different agricultural usage purposes, offer modular solutions to meet the changing needs of producers operating in the field of agricultural production.  Before choosing between drone models, it is important to have information about the types of drones and the areas of use in which they are active.

What are the Uses of Agricultural Drones?

Irrigation planning and monitoring;

The water holding capacity of agricultural areas may not be homogeneous due to differences such as surface slope, soil structure and cultivation. The efficiency of irrigation, which is obtained by precipitation or using modern irrigation systems, can be monitored using agricultural drone technologies. By monitoring the parts of the cultivated lands that do not receive any water or receive more water than necessary, efficiency loss is prevented and effective use of water, which is our most valuable resource, is ensured.

Crop health status determination;

Thanks to autonomous drone technologies, which can detect the impact of unpredictable factors such as flood, fire, disease and pests, unexpected weather conditions on plant health and therefore yield, farmers can clearly determine the start times of agricultural struggle. Local authorities, on the other hand, can benefit from these maps for damage assessment and insurance payments after frost, drought and similar disasters.

Disease and pest control;

The most effective way to minimize the negative effects of insecticides and herbicides applied to protect plant health and prevent yield losses on nature and humans is to spray within the application area with the appropriate dosage. With the drone, which can precisely follow its route thanks to GPS technology and can leave the appropriate amount of pesticides on the appropriate area, spraying applications are made by considering both the nature and the health of the operator.

Plant nutrition practices;

Drone spraying offers the most successful solutions in cases where base and top fertilization is not sufficient and fast and effective feeding is required. In cases such as foliar support applications required due to biotic or abiotic stress conditions or micronutrient deficiencies that need to be eliminated quickly, agricultural spraying drones provide the opportunity to make delivery applications.

What are the Agricultural Drone Prices?


Agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles, which are specially designed and produced according to varying targets and purposes to be used in different application areas, can be supplied with drone prices that vary according to their technical features. Agricultural spraying drone prices, which are determined by many variables such as engine power and number, battery capacity, flight time and range, liquid tank capacity, vary according to the model to be preferred. Before doing a drone price research, it would be beneficial to determine a model that is suitable for your purpose, ready for the agricultural applications you plan to make, and compatible with your land size. You can view Baibars agricultural drone models on our products page.

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